Are you looking to reduce your distribution costs, increase revenue or improve knowledge of your passengers?

Our solutions will help your airline to do all three. They are fast, feature-rich and cost-effective. We can deliver them as a hosted service, or in-house. Provided by a company that is flexible, supportive and independent of GDS influence.

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Business intelligence consultancy

Are you looking to manage operational or financial performance and create real insight into your business activities?

Perhaps you need to deliver flexible reporting or balanced scorecards. Our BI solutions are quick to deliver, flexible, insightful and cost-effective. Provided by a company that can support you from design to delivery and beyond.

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Having intelligence at your fingertips matters in every business. Anari develops and delivers solutions that exploit your data, and transform it into actionable intelligence.

We can create real insight into your operations whatever business you are in. You could be an airline that wants to learn more about customer behaviour, or to check every booking and ticket for revenue integrity issues. You could be in a business that needs to report and analyse delivery to cost, time and quality.

Either way, let us help you create the intelligence that matters.